The Piermont Rowing Club is located fifteen miles north of New York City, in the village of Piermont just south of the Tappan Zee Bridge. We enjoy spectacular Hudson River scenery that is unmatched in any other east coast rowing location, and are at liberty to row for many miles north and south of our launch site in safe waters far from the shipping lanes on the eastern (Tarrytown) side. We are a diverse and congenial group who share a love of our magnificent river and a passion for our sport. This cooperative spirit has been the main reason for the recent growth and ongoing success of the club.

Learn to Row

We accept about 10 new members for our annual Learn to Row program that actually begins in March with sessions in the West Point Military Academy’s indoor training tanks.   These one and a half hour sessions typically cost $20.00 per person and are open to anyone ready to explore the sport of rowing. The full Learn to Row program is open only to individuals who intend to join the club. Click here for details.

Contact Us

The Piermont Rowing Club offers a variety of rowing programs geared to all skill levels. For more information, please contact the PRC at:
  • The Piermont Rowing Club
  • P.O. Box 443
  • Piermont, NY 10968
  • or email the PRC at:  or at


Ready to Hoe…. And HOE!

Piermont rowers joined forces with the Piermont Community Garden Club and celebrated spring with a massive clean-up.  Both the garden and the Hudson shore line were severely impacted by Super Storm Sandy and required much debris lifting, digging, and hauling of dirt and stone in order to restore the area to its former beauty.  The [...]


West Point Tank Training 2013

We are planning three coaching sessions in the tanks at West Point:  March 24, April 7, and April 14.  The fee is $20.00 per hour-and-a-half session and it is a great way to get the feel for rowing without being on the water – and without investing a great deal of money.  The mornings are [...]


PRC Long Row – Fall 2012

The HOC has nothing on the Piermont Rowing Club’s long row!  What a gorgeous fall day. 



View our updated 2012 events calendar.


Join Us

The PRC is a community rowing program designed to provide access and consistent use of the Hudson River to everyone interested and able. We offer a comprehensive Learn to Row program for beginning rowers committed to joining the PRC. Once you have learned to row and deicide to become a member, you can use any of the boats in the club’s fleet to exercise and increase your rowing skills. And, as always, we welcome all experienced rowers to join our fun, fit, community-rowing organization....