Piermont Rowing Club


The PRC is a community rowing program designed to provide access and consistent use of the Hudson River to everyone interested and able. We offer a comprehensive Learn to Row program for beginning rowers committed to joining the PRC.  Once you have learned to row and deicide to become a member, you can use any of the boats in the club’s fleet to exercise and increase your rowing skills.  And, as always, we welcome all experienced rowers to join our fun, fit, community-rowing organization.

Learn to Row!

We accept about 10 new members for our annual Learn to Row program that actually begins in March with sessions in the West Point Military Academy’s indoor training tanks. These one and a half hour sessions typically cost $20.00 per person and are open to anyone ready to explore the sport of rowing.

If you want to know more, please use the form below to email us directly. We will answer any questions and give you more information on joining the club.